Cooking with Pepper


My mom and dad were great cooks (each with a quirky sense of humor).  They got me started with cooking early. I’m not yet fully professionally trained, but I have far more know-how beyond the basics. So…

If you’re just learning to cook, want to improve your cooking, or you are looking to add more recipes and versatility to your meals, you’re in the right place.

Generally speaking, I’m a meat and potatoes gal, but with lots of veggies!. If you’re a vegetarian, or a pescetarian, I can show you some really great recipes. If you’re vegan, good for you, but I won’t be able to help you at all. I wish you continued health and good vibes but my recipes will not help. Even my salads (fruit or vegetable) have ingredients you won’t want to eat!

Anyway, welcome!! I hope you’ll join me as I continue to cook, stretch the boundaries of home cooking, research new ways of preparing delicious foods, test intriguing recipes, and have a bunch of fun in the kitchen.

Here’s to getting pepper stuck in your tooth!

And we’re off… ♥ Pep.