After you try this steak kabob recipe, you’ll agree… Kabobs are one of those meals that can be made to suit anyone’s needs. Just pick any assortment of fruits, veggies, and meat, put them on a skewer, then throw them on the grill.

This steak kabob recipe cooks in 10 to 15 minutes, so these kabobs aren’t just delicious, they are easy and fast.

If you make sure to use thin pieces of meat like we’ve done here, you can fold them in half on the skewer, and they’ll cook pretty fast.

Grill this steak kabob recipe

You can see here, that we’ve chosen to use some stir-fry beef that we got at the grocery store, along with small red onions, green and red bell peppers, green and yellow zucchini, and some pineapple.

Everything in this steak kabob recipe gets chunked, except for the small red onions (which after cleaning, are left whole).

The meat we chose was very lean, and we trimmed off any fatty parts.

Then, a little Lawry’s season salt, and they’re ready for the grill.

We also made a quick sauce out of our favorite bbq sauce, and added some teriyaki, along with a little cayenne pepper for some additional zest.

Served over rice, with the zesty sauce, and the sweet pineapple…

This steak kabob recipe is fabulous!

Steak kabob recipe over rice

As I build this page, I’m thinking of making a special trip to the store to get the ingredients for this steak kabob recipe again and make some more… enjoy!

(Tip: brown rice or basmati is much healthier than white rice, which has had most of the nutrients stripped from it. If you are a white rice lover and can’t quite get used to brown rice, try basmati or mix brown rice in with white rice and over time add more and more brown rice until you get used to the different taste and texture! If mixing brown and white, note that brown rice takes longer to cook, so start with brown and add white at the appropriate time. Read instructions on the package for the cooking time for each.)