Ah, taxes, the annual headache that we can’t escape.

A delicious mint mojito is a great way to celebrate as that sweet relief washes over us when we finally file and pay our dues.

Now take some time and bask in the glory of being done with that nightmare… and start dreaming about the summer months to come. Just close your eyes, sip on this refreshing cocktail, and let your mind wander to sandy beaches, warm sun-kissed skin, and the adventures to come.

Lime & Mint Mojito

But first, Fun Rum Facts…

When it comes to spirits, rum just-has-to-be one of the most varied and versatile. It can be light or dark, spiced or unspiced, and it can be enjoyed on a sunny beach or in a dimly lit basement bar.

And the one type of rum that often gets overlooked is white or silver rum. (Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?)

This clear counterpart to the more heavily flavored varieties may seem a little boring in comparison, but the truth is it’s just as intriguing, and its production process is just as fascinating!

So, what’s so special about the process?

Well, it all starts with sugarcane. Much like other types of rum, white rum is made by fermenting and distilling molasses or sugarcane juice.

But here’s the twist…

Some producers also filter the rum through activated charcoal to remove any color and impurities, resulting in a crystal-clear spirit that’s perfect for cocktails (or for impressing your friends with your knowledge of spirits).

Hmm… not sure if it’s this mojito or if I really do hear you asking…

Who invented the Mint Mojito?

You’re not the only one who wondered who first thought to pair fresh mint and rum! So I’ll tell you what I know…

Some say it was the famous Cuban author, Ernest Hemingway, who enjoyed the drink while living in Havana.

Others credit a bartender named Angel Martinez, who was known for his inventive cocktails at La Bodeguita del Medio in Cuba. Originating when the place opened in 1942. The mojito is now considered to be a traditional Cuban punch. (I believe this story is true, for what it’s worth.)

Regardless of who truly invented it, we can all agree (can’t we?) that it’s a refreshing drink that’s perfect for sipping on a warm summer day (or when dreaming of a warm sunny day). So, let’s raise our glasses and cheer to whoever had the brilliant idea to combine mint and rum in such a delicious way!

But I digress… 

You want to know how to make this delightful drink from the comfort of your own home. Well, it’s easy, my friend…

How to Make Your Mint Mojito …

Mint Mojito "Dirty"

“Dirty Mojito” – FAL, By Melissa Walker Horn

First, muddle some fresh mint leaves and lime wedges in a mixing glass.

Then, add a generous helping of white rum and simple syrup.

Top it off with sparkling water* and give it a good stir before straining it into a glass (with or without ice). *Or use soda water as Angel did back in 1942.

Don’t forget to garnish it with extra mint (unmuddled) and a lime slice or two for that perfect Instagram-worthy moment.

And just like that, you’re one step closer to becoming your neighborhood’s very own mixologist.

Mojito Variations?

Looking for a twist on the classic mint mojito? Let me introduce you to some of the coolest variations in town.

Mint chocolate chip mojito,” anyone? This unexpected flavor combo will satisfy your sweet tooth and your craving for a refreshing drink.

Feeling a little adventurous? Try a “spicy jalapeño mojito” for a kick of heat with your cocktail.

And for those with a love for all things fruity, the “berry mojito” is the perfect blend of tart and sweet.

In Mexico, tequila brand Don Julio offers the “mojito blanco” by simply replacing rum with tequila.

A dirty mojito, uses gold rum instead of white rum.

So shake things up and try one of these fun twists on the mint mojito – you might just find a new favorite!

Cheers to being done with taxes and hello to warmer days ahead!

Oh, and in case you prefer non-alcoholic, yet thoroughly refreshing drinks, leave out the rum for what is called a “nojito” or check out this lemon spritzer!